Kinsale Contracting Group was founded in 2001 and — through dedication and hard work — has become one of the leading selective demolition and environmental services companies in the greater Chicago area. Our emphasis is on providing the highest level of customer service while achieving the most cost-effective methods and safest procedures for our clients.

Kinsale Contracting Group Team


Our services include selective demolition, asbestos removal, hazardous waste cleanup, lead mitigation, and mold­­ and microbial remediation. We have extensive experience in providing solutions for industrial, governmental, institutional, high-rise, hospitals, commercial and multi-unit residential clients.

The Midwest houses many historical buildings, and Kinsale has completed numerous projects within these structures. Because of the sensitive nature of these projects, we know that careful evaluation of the structure and attention to detail throughout the project are essential. Our ability to work knowledgeably with a wide variety of project participants such as architects, engineers and preservationists has facilitated successful projects time and time again. We are known for providing advanced solutions to even the most complex, selective demolition problems.

We excel in customer service and communications before, during and after every project. We put the clients’ needs and safety first, working to achieve a time schedule and project scope that is most effective. We are proud to say that we have built many long-term relationships with clients who do not hesitate to call us when they have selective demolition or environmental cleanup projects.

Because we are experienced and highly trained in both selective demolition and environmental services, our ability to perform demolition projects that may have environmental concerns is second to none. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of education and certification for our team and always adhere strictly to industry, government and safety standards. Throughout the project, we assist with ensuring that the proper permits are secured and any required inspections take place.

Kinsale Contracting Group has successfully completed numerous projects that require special scheduling to keep disruptions to our clients’ business operations to a minimum. We minimize the downtime and work hand in hand with the client, consultants, and our certified staff to achieve the most successful project outcome possible.

To find out more about our services or discuss your project needs, please contact us or call 630-325-7400 today.